Founded in 2000, the School of Medicine at Fu Jen Catholic University is committed to cultivating future physicians as true professionals with medical knowledge and clinical expertise that complement the core values of Catholic belief : love, compassion, and dedication to others. The establishment of our School of Medicine has allowed the university to become the third comprehensive university in Taiwan to provide medical education, following National Taiwan University and National Cheng Kung University.

  The School of Medicine is one of the medical schools in Taiwan to adopt the pedagogy, “problem-based learning (PBL)”, so that students can acquire medical knowledge from small group discussions and case studies. The implementation of PBL has not only allowed the School of Medicine to win applause from the Taiwan Medical Accreditation Council, but has also brought a wave of reform in medical education in Taiwan. In order to successfully practice PBL, the School has recruited basic scientists with specialties in various areas as well as more than one hundred clinicians as a strong backbone for teaching.

  The teaching of the School of Medicine has extended beyond the classroom and includes various curriculum connections with the local community and society. Currently the Medical School has cooperative ties with Cardinal Tien Hospital, Shing-Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, and additional internship contracts with National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and major centers in Taiwan . We are confident that our graduates will be a new force to provide high quality and compassionate physicians for the medical care system of Taiwan .