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  The School of Medicine at Fu Jen Catholic University offers a variety of channels of admission in order to ensure a more diversified student body.

  Currently, the School of Medicine recruits 50 students per year in the following quota method:
A. Joint College Entrance Examination: 27
B. Self-Application: 19(Reserved place for 1 aboriginal student)
C. Foreign students with Overseas Chinese status: 4

  Application materials must be sent to the Office of the School of Medicine in March (For details , please contact the office for the yearly announcement.)

A. Joint College Entrance Examination
  Prospective students entering the MD program at Fu Jen Catholic University must meet the entry requirement according to the University Laws and Regulations by passing the Joint College Entrance Examination. Students enrolled through the Joint College Entrance Examination must take examinations in the following courses: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

B. Self-Application
1. First Round Examination: 30%
 Subjects in the examination include: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Social Science and Biological Science.
2. Second Round Examination: 70%
 Interview: 60% Application Materials: 10%
 Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate his/her performance in senior high school. The selection will be on the basis of academic achievement, faculty evaluation, and evidence of maturity, motivation, leadership, integrity, compassion, community service, and performance in extra-curricular activities in senior high school.

C. Foreign Students with Oversea Chinese Status